A Note from the Editor

A Note From The Editor

This year has proven challenging for so many reasons. In advertising and marketing, the inability to come together, share ideas and network has been particularly challenging. Our inaugural Campaign Convene event aims to fill that gap in the U.S. by creating a curated, virtual networking experience tailored to your business needs. We'll pair you with potential business partners in bespoke meetings, surrounded by engaging content sessions that touch on key topics for marketers in another uncertain year.

Alison Weissbrot, Editor, Campaign US

Future-proof your brand for the post-pandemic era

Campaign Convene is an intimate new business event designed for senior brand marketers. Offering the opportunity to build new business connections by uniquely matching you to expert vendors and learn from quality content curated to equip marketers for the year ahead.

 Step into our virtual world. Use your time efficiently meeting leading US vendors and attend sessions led by marketing pioneers focused on current industry trends.

Benefits of Campaign Convene


A bespoke experience

The latest trends

Step into our virtual world and use your time and budgets efficiently meeting leading US vendors from the marketing and advertising industry in one place over two days. 

Campaign Convene will sort the organising. Utilise our bespoke 1-2-1 appointment service with leading suppliers who are matched to your business needs.

Hear from marketing pioneers in our insightful content sessions, key notes and panel discussions. With a focus on current industry trends, our key topics are curated to equip marketers for another uncertain year ahead.

Cost saving


Be a voice

With 2020 causing budget cuts, Campaign Convene will allow you to put your business first. Find the best deals for you and your business all in one convenient place.

Campaign Convene is the ideal environment to network and build meaningful relationships to give you the best advantage.

Share best practice with your peers and gain insights from like minded individuals. See Campaign Convene as the perfect platform to elevate your career and business.

Who can apply?

If you are a senior level brand marketeer and are interested in new business with high quality vendors, you may be eligible to attend Campaign Convene as a Hosted Buyer.

When considering applications, we look at the following criteria:
- Your reasons for attending –  behalf of a client or directly through a company.
- Your purchasing or decision making authority.
- Your annual marketing budgets.

What's included?

Access to carefully curated content sessions, key notes and panel discussions designed to equip you for another uncertain year.

An online personalised diary with your appointments with vendors of your choice.

Networking opportunities, both hosted and organic, throughout the two days at the virtual event


27 April 2021

Chair's opening remarks

10:00 CST | 08:00 PCT | EST 11:00
Alison Weissbrot, US Editor, Campaign

Understanding the shopping power of social media

10:10 CST | 08:10 PCT | EST 11:10
Consumers are starting to shop right where they spend their time: on social media. Social E-commerce is said to be a billion dollar business, and is likely the future of e-commerce. Beyond transactions, social media is a key place to generate brand awareness, customer loyalty and satisfaction. What should brands consider to maximize the journey from product discovery, to research to checkout? What practical steps should they take? How do you choose the right platform?

Clara Herrera Flikstein, Head of Marketing Americas, Skyscanner

1:1 Meetings

10:45 CST | 08:45 PCT | EST 11:45Networking break

Networking break

11:45 CST | 09:45 PCT | EST 12:45

Holding brands to higher standards - Backing up bold statements with real action

12:05 CST | 10:05 PCT | EST 13:05
The past year has elevated the awareness and importance of social issues among consumers. Audiences are now demanding more from brands. This means brands must start to live by their CSR message with messaging that is engaging, meaningful, effective, relevant and in line with company decisions and strategies.

1:1 Meetings

12:55 CST | 10:55 PCT | EST 13:55

Closing Remarks

Alison Weissbrot, US Editor, Campaign
14:00 CST | 12:00 PCT | EST 15:00

28 April 2021

Chair's opening remarks

Alison Weissbrot, US Editor, Campaign
12:05 CST | 10:05 PCT | EST 13:05

Balancing privacy and personalisation

12:10 CST | 10:10 PCT | EST 13:10
Balancing privacy and personalisation: Consumers leave an endless trail of data around the web, and countless technologies exist to manage and support data collection. How can companies leverage this information while maintaining consumer privacy? And how can companies communicate the value exchange their data can provide?

1:1 Meetings

12:45 CST | 10:45 PCT | EST 13:45

Networking break

14:05 CST | 12:05 PCT | EST 15:05

Panel Discussion: Brand safety - Managing a crisis

14:25 CST | 12:25 PCT | EST 15:25
In today’s hyper-connected “cancel culture” climate, it’s difficult to weather the storm from a social media disaster- untimely tweets, inappropriate GIFs and insensitive comments are a few examples. Plus, the automated nature of digital media buying can unknowingly put your brand in an unsafe context that damages its reputation. But simply blocking keywords and avoiding bad news isn’t the way to handle a brand safety conundrum. This session will explore suggestions on how to effectively manage a brand safety crisis.

1:1 Meetings

15:15 CST | 13:15 PCT | EST 16:15

Speaker Q&A Embracing the shift to CTV and OTT

15:55CST | 13:55 PCT | EST 16:55
Cord-cutting is on the rise and consumers are shifting over-the-top. How can marketers navigate a new streaming-first landscape with both new advertising opportunities and ad-free environments?

Freddie Liversidge, Global Director of Digital Activation, HP

Closing Remarks

Alison Weissbrot, US Editor, Campaign
16:25 CST | 14:25 PCT | EST 17:25


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